Chapter 2: Trout

Following Trout on her typical day

Chapter 5: Thresher

The birth of his children

Chapter 7: Hake

Hake and Tusk hanging out

Chapter 8: Sturgeon

Sturgeon is a construction worker

Chapter 11: Hake

Hake explores Daisy territory

Chapter 12:Sturgeon

Sturgeon tries to make a friend.

Chapter 13: Thresher

Thresher spends quality time with his kids.

Chapter 14: Trout

Trout is adjusting to the Daisies

Chapter 16: Sturgeon

Sturgeon overhears a grim plot.

Chapter 18: Trout

Trout is needed by the river.

Chapter 19: Siblings

Hake and Sturgeon dealing with things.

Chapter 21

Tusk visits the queen

Chapter 24

Sturgeon has a task and Hake is paying a visit

Chapter 25

Kittens are welcomed to the world.